Caffeine and Power Metal – My Writing Process

I have always had a hard time focusing, and many people who know me for my organizational skills and propensity for procrastination are surprised that I finished a nearly four hundred page book. The secret is 200mg of caffeine and power metal.

Normally, I’m more of a classic 80s metal fan, but with writing I have to shift my tastes. Sure, I’ll listen to any Mötley Crüe album on repeat, but when I sit down to write I need something more aggressive. It also helps if the lyrics are somewhat nerdy. Because of this, I’ve had to dive deep into youtube rabbit holes, and what I’ve come back with is a ton of niche stuff that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

I also discovered a whole subculture of music who base their lyrics on my favorite fantasy works. Of course there’s songs about Lord of the Rings, but also a lot retell songs by Robert E. Howard. Worms of the Earth by Eternal Champion, in addition to being a great song, summarizes my favorite Bran Mak Morn short story. Most discussed of all is Elric and his cursed runesword Stormbringer. The Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock is criminally underrated, and its astounding to see how many bands have been inspired by those books.

In an effort to help give these artists the recognition they deserve, here’s a link to a playlist featuring most of the stuff I listen to. Click here to listen to the playlist on Youtube.

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  1. That’s interesting. If I need to have music playing, then it has to be lyric-less music, because any recognisable words would be just too distracting for me. Heavy metal instrumental helps, or those of a different language. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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