Magick turns men into gods. Men were not born to be gods.

Untold eons have bred the likes of Krael, a towering barbarian with canine teeth more akin to fangs and a feral prowess in battle that few can match. But behind his dark, savage eyes lies the strict training of religious zealots intent on eradicating the foul influence of magick. Before he can continue his one-man crusade, the politicians of a corrupt megacity seek to enslave him in their selfish schemes of conquest. Krael has no choice but to escape to the Outlaw Kingdoms, a war-torn land crawling with the scattered remnants of fallen civilizations. Countless sorcerers have been slaughtered by his hand, but with the greatest assassin money can buy at his heels, the legendary Wizard Slayer comes closer to defeat than ever before.

The greatest ally on Krael’s side is Prince Eledrith, but as the young noble struggles against fellow politicians and decadent predecessors, he finds he must also battle against his own sinister destiny. By blood and steel, Eledrith and Krael must fight for not only their lives but the fate of the known world.

The Wizard Slayer Ebook is available for preorder and will be released with the paperback October 13th. The Audiobook is currently in production.

When the warlord Alrik is forced by a wizard to choose between sacrificing his own subjects or facing the consequences of a famine, he takes a third option. Few dare face the wielders of magick, but rumor tells of a man who specializes in such a confrontation. Alrik seeks out the Wizard Slayer, a barbarian warrior whose single purpose is to slaughter those who dare utilize the dark arts. In his desperation to rid himself of the wizard’s threat, Alrik may have unleashed something he cannot control.

The Price of a Head is a standalone short story featuring Krael of Mog Muhtar, the titular character of the Wizard Slayer Saga. It is an excellent introduction to Krael and the world that is The Last Age, all in an hour’s worth of reading.

Listen to the audiobook version here.